Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Purple, Black and coloured Carrots

This year, I thought I'd grow several varieties of coloured carrots, firstly as a crop to eat and secondly to compare the varieties and then keep the best roots of those I like to grow next year to produce flowers so I can save the seed to grow again.

Coloured Carrot mix packets

On my list to be sown;
Afghan Purple
Atomic Red
Cosmic Purple
Deep Purple F1
John's Purple
Lunar White
Morada (Spanish Black)
Purple Haze F1
Purple Sun F1
Solar Yellow
Turkish Black Carrot

I'm not sure how many of each I will be growing yet as space, carrot root fly and how many we will eat will all be issues and as yet I've not prepared the ground for them!

The F1 Hybrids won't be included for seed as they are likely to be male sterile, which I'd rather stay clear of if I can.

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