Friday, 14 February 2014

Heritage Library Seeds (HSL)

I’m a member of HSL which is run by Garden Organics (as long as I remember to renew my annual membership!) As a member I can choose up to 6 packs of Heritage seeds from their catalogue Join the Heritage Seed Library 

I received my selection of seeds from the HSL a couple of days ago. I’m pleased to have all my first choices;

Bangladeshi Lablab beans, these are white flowered, I've only grown the pink ones before.

Syrian Black broad beans, donated to HSL by Jaap Vlaming. The dried seeds do look black and are about the smallest broadbean seeds I’ve ever seen, they are pea size!

Williams Tiger climbing French bean

Poletschka a climbing French bean, I’m really looking forward to growing these a description can be found here Adaptive Seeds

John's Purple carrot, was apparently found in a bag of carrots for a rabbit! John's Purple Carrot - HSL description

Afghan Purple carrot, they look very pretty but can have some tendency to split!

For my Lucky dip I received Magpie dwarf beans beans.