Thursday, 10 March 2016

Elisabeth Mangetout Pea

I was gifted Elisabeth by a good gardening friend, Galina and what a delight they have been. They grow beautifully, taste great and look stunning! 

"Elisabeth is a mangetout pea from Switzerland which Elisabeth (my mother) bought. She shared her packet with me. One of the pea flower pairs on my plants had mutated to pink and white. The others were all purple. I marked the pink pair of flowers and grew the seeds separately. The plants are just like the original variety in every respect, with the exception of flower colour, which has remained pink. They are not fasciated like Salmon Flowered. The pods are up to 2 inches long, shorter later in the season and very prolific. Plants are around the 5ft mark, a bit taller this year with all the rain in spring and early summer." Galina

Since receiving them I've been growing these lovely mangetout each year,

Pink Axil

Seeds and dried pods, which are fibreless

I've used these peas in several crosses which I'm in the process of growing out. The cotton tag in the picture shows me this flower has been cross pollinated by another variety. Sugar Beth has Elisabeth as a parent.