Saturday, 31 May 2014

Black Pod Runner Beans (Phaseolus coccineus)

I chose these runner beans as part of my selection from the Heritage Seed Library (HSL) in 2012 and they have become a favourite here the last couple of years. They may not be the longest podded beans and they do get stringy if left not picked young, yet they have a distinct charm about them that I love. 

The variety was received by HSL from Jane Bygott and is an Heirloom variety from Bridgenorth in Shropshire having been grown there for the last one hundred years. "The beans were passed to Jane by her aunt Mary, who still grew a few beans up a trellis in the corner of her garden when she was in her nineties." HSL Catalogue

Underside leaf ribs are red, which adds to their beauty

Flowers are a gorgeous intense red.

Young beans already with a tip coloured burgundy red.

As you can see, loved by bees too!

Just getting into the swing of it.

Pods develop a lovely colour as they grow, these are ready for picking.

Pods left to ripen on the vine.

Smallish sized seeds.

Some of next seasons crop.

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