Thursday, 25 September 2014

Hello Blog

I've been posting on Growing Food Saving Seeds forum GFSS for a little while and have been wanting to start a blog to run alongside, but there seems to be a blog gremlin on the site so thought I'd start one here instead!

What is it about? A love of gardening and in this case edibles. A pleasure in growing healthy food that looks good and tastes great! 

The blog will be mostly my thoughts and experiences on growing heritage and open pollinated varieties to suit my tastes and growing conditions. With some crops I'm starting to lean towards growing a grex or developing a landrace. For other crops or varieties it might be a home produced hybrid is best. I guess it is also a bit of a dabble into breeding and developing new varieties to grow and a lot learning. My small redress to the big seed boys, who are only interested in ticking certain boxes and seem hell bent on interfering with nature. 

I'll transfer some blog posts from Mostly Tomato Mania  because I think they are more relevant here.