Saturday, 26 April 2014

Grafted Sweet Peppers

How they looked on arrival, no other packaging 

This year I've bought three 'Super Plug' grafted mixed sweet peppers on-line from Suttons, though at the moment the only thing looking super is the price 3 for £9.99! (though I did have a £5 off voucher to use against them) They will need to produce exceptionally well to recoup their cost.

They arrived in a black plastic tray covered in clear film, with an address label and a plant identification label. I received sweet peppers Chelsea (Yellow), Britney (Red) and Melina (Orange), no indication of root stock used. 

They look healthy enough, a shame several leaves
were damaged during packing 

ABC = Chelsea, Britney and Melina

I've potted them on and popped them under lights, I should think for a couple of weeks, I'm interested to see how well they do grow on in this time. They are currently a paler green colour than the plants I have.

The 3 grafted plants

All newly potted on, Melina in comparison to Palermo F1

It will hardly be scientific, but I'll be comparing their progress with the two varieties I've sown and am growing this year, Palermo RZ F1 and Romanian Rainbow. Both sown on 15th March in a heated propagator and grown on under lights.

Palermo RZ F1

 Palermo RZ F1 is a long pointy red pepper, bred by Rijk Zwaan

Romanian Rainbow

An open pollinated, early compact growing blocky type pepper.

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