Sunday, 30 March 2014

Gilfeather Turnip

I'm very glad to have grown these last season, seeds were given to me by a kind member of Allotments4all forum. The name Gilfeather Turnip is a little misleading as they are not really a turnip but a swede, although those in the North may say differently. My experience is they grew well in the UK, overwintering easily although they have not had to contend with very cold weather as it has been such a mild winter. Taste is good and they are a pleasure to eat.

Difficult as it was, I've kept the best sized and looking roots in their bed, only pulling the not so good ones to eat. My aim is to let these remaining swedes flower and set seed. I'll update the blog as they progress.

Overwintered Gilfeather Turnip, showing new growth

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